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Meter Operation with Smart-Meter

Capture the power consumption of your real estate digitally and thus reduce your energy costs.

Intelligent measuring systems enable optimized energy management and a sustainable reduction of electricity costs, because you always have your energy consumption in view at all times. Sense electra takes care of the installation and maintenance of your digital electricity meter and provides you with a secure database.

Small device, big benefit

A Smart-Meter consists of a communication unit and a modern measuring device. The latter measures the current flow digitally. The electricity meter not only records the power consumption of your property but also the usage time of the energy source.

Smart meter

Functioning of the Smart-Meter

The measurement of power consumption takes place every 15 minutes, virtually in real time. The measured consumption data are then independently and electronically fed into the Internet via the communication unit, the so-called Smart-Meter gateway. Your power consumption will be securely documented for you in our database and processed visually.

How a Smart-Meter works

As your meter operator we care about…

In addition to providing a secure database, installing and maintaining your digital electricity meter is one of our responsibilities. After the successful installation of the Smart-Meter, you can easily view your energy consumption from your smartphone or computer at any time from home and identify power guzzlers.

Your advantages with the Smart-Meter

  • Electricity consumption available online
  • Transparent energy flow
  • Sustainable reduction of electricity costs
  • Adjustment of own usage behavior
  • Active environmental protection through reduced energy consumption

Intelligent measuring systems are another important step in the digitization of the energy market. They support the mutual flow of information and ensure a smooth communication between meter operators and consumers.

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