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Heat supply with CHP

A CHP unit can reduce your energy costs by up to 30%. Simply enter your data and request an offer for your CHP unit and information on the costs you can save – without obligation and free of charge.

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    It’s worth having a CHP unit on your property

    Use our CHP unit calculator to find out which CHP is best suited to your needs. Our team will calculate your savings quickly and free of charge and send you our offer by e-mail.
    Then you can choose whether to rent or purchase the CHP unit.


    Possible applications of a cogeneration plant

    The parallel generation of heat and electricity results in a wide range of applications, e.g. for:

    • Office buildings
    • Hotels
    • Shopping malls
    • Public facilities (e.g. schools, swimming pools)
    • Single- or multi-family houses with high electricity and heat consumption

    Benefits and benefits of a CHP

    In the name of the “Energiewende” (energy revolution), a state-of-the-art and effective CHP plant is a future-proof investment in your energy supply. The overall efficiency of a combined heat and power plant is very high. It provides you with dual benefits with a stable supply security through the simultaneous generation of heat and electricity.

    Proportion of electricity and heat production of a CHP

    Advantages heat supply with CHP

       Reduction of energy costs

        Increased efficiency

        Building value increase

      State funding

        Simultaneous heat and power generation

     Active contribution to environmental protection

    Heat- and CHP-provision with sense electra

    In the course of modernization your heating plant sense electra plans, builds and finances your CHP plant. Before installing a CHP, our engineers will check both the spatial and local conditions as well as the cost-effectiveness of using a combined heat and power plant for you. All costs incurred for the installation, operation and maintenance of your energy system are wholly owned by sense electra GmbH.

    There are no additional expenses for you. You pay the contractually agreed basic and working price of your electricity and gas consumption.

    Your advantages with sense electra

        We reduce your energy costs

         We assume the maintenance costs

        We assume the investment costs

          No monthly billing practices

    What is a combined heat and power plant?

    The combined heat and power plant (CHP) is a compact and modern power plant about the size of a large refrigerator (different depending on model and power). Cogeneration is used to produce electricity and heat at the same time. You can use this energy directly on site, which can reduce your energy costs and counter any fluctuations in the power grid.

    Combined heat and power plants are divided into different model types and performance classes. Depending on the heat demand of the property we select the right CHP.

    For whom is a CHP worthwhile?

    With correct dimensioning, the implementation of a combined heat and power plant is profitable, especially in industry and commerce. In order to exploit the full potential of the plant, it should operate as much as possible throughout the year. To do so, a constant demand for heating or cooling must exist on the property.

    You can use the produced electricity from the combined heat and power plant directly on site or feed it into the power grid if your electricity consumption is lower than the electricity production.

    Further information on the operation of a CHP.

    Installation of a CHP with modernization of the heating

    Have you decided to modernize your heating system with a CHP? Then contact us and get started:

    1. Inspection of the property
      Our engineers examine the spatial and local conditions in a joint property inspection.
    2. Estimation of economic efficiency
      We calculate the economic conditions for the operation of a combined heat and power plant in the form of a detailed cost statement.
    3. Testing the heating system
      During the inspection of your premises, we will simultaneously check your existing heating system. Subsequently, the planning of the modernization measures takes place.
    4. Installation & commissioning
      Depending on your heat demand, the suitable CHP model type will be installed and the heating system renewed according to the modernization measures.
    5. Registration of the cogeneration unit
      The registration and the application for funding are carried out at various offices.

    Further information on installing a CHP.

    Learn now, whether or not a CHP is profitable for you: +4930 68 32 511 10.
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