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Saving energy in companies

We help you to reduce your company’s energy costs – this can be done in different ways. In addition to energy audits and the implementation of energy management systems, you can also take many measures yourself to reduce your energy consumption.

We have put together a few suggestions and tips on how to avoid unnecessary energy consumption. Learn where and how you can effectively save energy and money. These energy saving tips are only the beginning.

Effective energy-saving tips

In the office - all around the PC

  • Avoid PCs in stand-by mode, disconnect power plugs
  • Switch off Wi-Fi router (if available) after work and on weekends
  • Use a simple black screen saver instead of an animated screensaver


  • Switch off the light in unused rooms, it works best with motion sensors, then it is not forgotten
  • Replace old energy-intensive bulbs with energy-saving alternatives, such as LEDs
  • Create workstations at the window to reduce the need of electric lighting

Heating and Cooling

  • Keep windows and doors closed in air-conditioned offices
  • Do not block radiators and dust regularly
  • Advise employees to turn off the heating when airing
  • Use environmentally friendly, non-fossil refrigerant such as CO2
  • Invest in blinds to keep rooms naturally cooler
  • Optimally adjust timers according to the season or opening hours
  • Install automatic night setback of the heater (of course only if the rooms are not used at night)

Electrical equipment

  • Pay attention to highest energy efficiency when purchasing new devices, such as with a new printer
  • replace old electrical devices with new energy-saving variants
  • Maintain devices regularly
  • Connect new electrical devices to the energy management system

More tips

  • If possible, try to produce in the low-cost tariff (at night)
  • Bicycles instead of company cars, in addition to the CO2 savings, you also do something for the health of our employees.
Our customer consultants and engineers will assist you with any questions you may have about reducing your energy costs. We look for the most effective energy supply for you, check your energy management and optimize it on top of that: +4930 68 32 51 110
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